Test board for ATMEL ATtiny

This is a small prototype board for ATMELs ATtiny4, 5, 9 and 10 chips. These devices come in an SOT-23 package and have the same layout regarding the power pins as the Microchip 10f200 to 10f222 devices. So this board is usable with the Microchip devices as well.

ATtiny schematicsATtiny schematics

 In the schematics, the description for U1 as PIC10F200 is just a place holder for the pin-out, not for the device itself. The low dropout regulator U2 is only needed, if the board is operated with a higher supply voltage than 3.3V.

ATtiny Board

ATtiny Board

The ATtiny4, 5, 9 and 10 chips use TPI as the programming algorithm. I did use ATMEL’s AVRISP mkII for programming with no problem. If used with Microchip devices, a small adapter cable is used to convert from the 6-pin PICkit 3 programmer layout to the 6-pin ATMEL TPI layout.